Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Colbert Report: Tip of the Hat goes to MACA

Forward to just after 2:00 minutes for Stephen Colbert's salute to Mid Atlantic CropLife Assocation's use of genetically engineered soybeans and its affects on water and fish.

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Read the post about the letter to the Obamas on Food & Water Watch's blog

I love this segment because Colbert references food production with water shed pollution and fish contamination. The organization I work for, Food & Water Watch, focuses on the consumer advocacy aspect of these three very interrelated facets of our lives. Our mission is to fight the corporate control of our food and water resources and to encourage consumers to make wise choices about what they consume. The best practice is to eat local, sustainable and organic. Don't use pesticides, don't drink bottled water and only eat seafood that is clean, green and safe.

Industrial farming, which has been a booming industry since the creation of policies that subsidize large scale agribusiness, does more damage to the Earth than all forms of transportation added together. A lot of the grains "grown" with the aid of heavy chemicals are fed to animals that humans consume. These pesticides and any of the antibiotics fed to livestock (often to combat disease caused by eating the unnatural grains) end up in our water stream and on our dinner (and breakfast and lunch and snack) plates.

Our water is becoming more and more polluted. Water is the source of life and yet humans continue to overconsume and pollute our precious freshwater systems. The run-off from large scale crops and animal feedlots is polluting our water with pesticides AND antibiotics. People's biggest concern about tap water lately is the ingestion of hormones, drugs and antibiotics. Well, for one thing, the bottled water probably has traces, too. And for another, if we weren't growing such unnatural large scale crops, much of it primarily to feed animals to feed us, then we wouldn't have so much of the nasty stuff getting into our water. And, as Colbert points out, into our fish.

Do people understand how easily fish ingest all of the nasty chemicals in the water supply? And the fatty tissue just kind of holds it there. And many of the chemicals used in industrial farming are toxic to natural bacterias and algae and plankton that live in the water systems and are part of the whole environment. These natural micro-organisms play an important role in the vitality of life and the circle of life. The fish we eat depend on smaller fish which depend on the existence of the micro-organisms. If we kill everything at the smallest level, then we're gonna be putting more and more organisms in a difficult place.

Food chain? No. Humans are not intended to be at the TOP of the food chain. Rather, we are a part of the circle of life.

Another major chemical to be concerned with is triclosan, aka, "antibacterial soap". This stuff is nasty and has been showing up in all the wrong places. "Sometimes I worry about zombies"... Well, actually, sometimes I worry about superbacteria. Bacteria that has evolved to withstand destruction by triclosan cannot be stopped. And what the heck is it doing to our insides! Triclosan doesn't break down and it has shown up in blood, urine and breast milk of people across the globe. Yuck! Why are we trying to kill all this bacteria that is natural and only makes our immune systems stronger? Pledge to stop using soaps and products that contain triclosan.

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