Friday, March 16, 2007

My bloody knees

I figure that since my title is "Cycle and Recycle" then I gotta at least have 1 picture with me on my bike! This is during the 2006 North American Cycle Courier Championship (NACCC) in Philadelphia. Notice the bloody knees? I fell right at the beginning of the race and then again about halfway through. What an idiot. I ended up finishing like 6th female or something. I also won track skids and track stands for women, earning me the title (and some awesome prizes*) of North American Track Queen.

My bike looks a lot different these days, with the blue rims and new track drop bars. I'm gonna have to put a pic of the new look up here soon....

*the BIG prizes:
Awesome bag from R.E.Load
Super sexy utility belt from Fabric Horse
Track wheelset with Level Hubs and blue Velocity Deep V rims
Pair of pants from Bedlam Custom
and some other random swag


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