Monday, December 21, 2009

National Bike Summit is in March!

I attended the National Bike Summit for the first time last year and I'd say it pretty much changed my life. This annual conference brings together urban cyclists, weekend roadies, mountain bikers, advocates, government workers, city planners, retail warriors, manufacturers, mechanics, engineers, distributors, educators and more! The panels are diverse and interesting. The speakers are well-versed and entertaining. Awards are given out to groups and individuals who have made a difference in the bike world in the last year (or more). And it is an excellent way to network with others around the nation involved in the bike industry.

Not only will all attendees learn something new (regardless of how much you think you know, I'm sure you'll learn something!) but who doesn't want to take advantage of the chance to meet your congressional representative(s) AND party! How fun was it drinking wine and beer on Capitol Hill and rubbing elbows with "people in power"!

I hope everyone has the time and $$ to attend the National Bike Summit.