Friday, March 23, 2007

Energy Waste.

There is nothing I loathe more than a waste of non-natural engergy. Why do people that aren't physically handicapped use the button to open a door. It doesn't appear to me that they need to maneuver a wheelchair. And it appears they have 2 or even 1 working arm. So why press the button!?

How much energy is needed to mechanically open the door? How many calories does it take for a person to open a door? Are people really that fat and lazy?

There is always the excuse, "I was trying to help you." Well, if I couldn't open the door because of what I was carrying then I would ask for help.

Don't assume I need help because I have a handful. I'm used to a handful. I'm built for hard-labor. I guess others aren't. The ones that use the button must not be built for any labor.

We are in an energy crisis, people! If we don't start cutting our non-renewable energy expenditure, our reign on this earth will cease to exist.


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